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 phone:  1 301 326 2934

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     3148 Gracefield Road # 515

     Silver Spring MD 20904

aint joseph
If you would like to commission an icon, send an email or letter giving as much detail as

 possible regarding size, subject, number of figures, etc.  Contacting me about an icon does not

 obligate you in any way.  How long it would take to complete an icon depends on the size and

 complexity of the icon and on my schedule.   Prices vary according to size, number of figures, 

background decoration, amount of gold, type of board used, etc.   Contact me with your

 specifications and I will provide an estimate of cost and time required to complete the icon. 

    If you don't want an icon but just want to chat, that's fine I'd be happy to hear from you!.



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