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Washington, DC

My interest in iconography began while living in the Soviet Union in the early 1980's  while my husband was  serving at the U.S. Embassy.  There I had the opportunity to see  icons by some of the world's greatest iconographers.   During this time my artistic endeavors shifted from realism in oil and watercolor to painting icons with egg tempera. There I took my first lessons with a local iconographer.

I have studied both the acrylic and egg tempera methods, through workshops at the Antiochian Center in Ligonier,  PA, the Prosopon School in  NY and MN,  and in Washington D.C. with iconographers from Yaroslav, Russia, as well as privately in Washington DC, Boston and Albuquerque. 

I have exhibited at several churches in the Washington DC area, and in shows in Texas  and Florida.    I work mainly by commission, preferring the  Byzantine Style.

Also, I  have prepared an hour-long power-point presentation on the meaning of icons and their value  in prayer.   I have given this presentation in several locations locally and also in other States in the U.S.   I'd be happy to bring it to you.

Delphia Dirks 
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